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About us

The Absolutely Cosmopolitan is a very small kennel in the heart of Budapest with a modern vision mode, adapted to an urban, teeming, fizzy big city life.
Our dogs feel themselves at home in the urban hustle and bustle. They are healthy, well balanced and adjusted. They reinvent themselves in any situation.
You can find us often in public places (restaurants, café bars and downtown pedestrian streets, parks, fitness rooms, beauty salons, shopping centers, festivals, fairs, exhibitions), so all of these places and situations our bostons are behaving properly and charmingly. They love the bubbly cosmopolitan lifestyle.
Our dogs are members of the family, they live and sleep with us. They are essential companies for everyday life. They accompany us almost everywhere! They are Family Members…
Based on the above our babies are not for sale for everyone/anyone! Our new owners become our Cosmo Family members too. We follow and become a part of their new life (literally, word-for-word). We have questionnaire and waiting list. Our babies can be brought not before 10 weeks old with finished immunization, passport, pedigree, puppy pack ONLY with a very strict international contract. We are not selling puppies to dealers and out of EU.
If you have any question visits our website/facebook page or feel free to contact us!

Dear Prospective Buyer!

These questions are important for the development of the dog. Thank you very much for your sincere responses and I also appreciate any voluntary accompanying photos. I will be happy to answer any more questions.

Puppies are available for purchase upon a preliminary purchase request. Upon birth of the puppies I shall inform all prospective buyers in the order of the waiting list, attaching pictures of the puppies. You may specify in the purchase request the gender and desired qualities of the dogs (leisure, breeding, show purpose). The puppies will be selected according to these criteria. With regard to puppies selected for leisure purpose yet of higher, show qualities the show quality price shall apply. As the next, intended bedding is expected to be a very special breed I retain the right to reserve one of the puppies for myself or delay the selection of puppies up to several month. Naturally I will do my best effort to satisfy the needs of the future owners. Please note that the selection of puppies is only possible with sending the necessary down payment.

Please note that puppies are not for sale as a birthday gift, for Christmas or holiday seasons, or surprise gifts! Please place your order after careful, consideration and family discussion in a planned manner.

To complete a purchase request we kindly ask you to send a brief email answering the following questions (info@absolutelycosmopolitanbostons.hu):

  • Name, address, telephone number, contact info
  • Domicile arrangement (family house or flat? How many persons live together and number of animals due to animal protection requirements)
  • Do you have experience with dogs? (how many and what kind of animals have you had so far and what happened to them?)
  • Is there any other dog and if yes please specify kind, age and gender.
  • Are there children in the family and of what age?
  • Course of activities and lifestyle (sport lifestyle, traveler, regular excursions?)
  • Working arrangements (fixed, flexible, over 8 hours per day?)
  • Ability to provide constant supervision of the puppy?
  • Plans to attend dog school, or participate on show or similar activities?
  • Why do you choose Boston Terrier?
  • Have you ever met this breed, do you know its disposition, needs?
  • Why would you like a male/female puppy?

I deem it very important to control the keeping of puppies because not only in Hungary but also worldwide many puppies are being adopted or held in a careless way depriving the puppies of their basic needs thereby torturing or eventually abandoning them. On my part I try to do my best to avoid the SAME HAPPENING TO MY PUPPIES with EVERY MEUSURE humanly possible. I also try to help that puppies in similar situation shall be given a new chance in their lives.

Please carefully consider the following!

Would you like to have a dog as company?

I help you to find a healthy dog from a dog refuge according to your personal circumstance.

Would you like to have a Boston Terrier but only for company, as a family member without specific purpose?

If there is no puppy in the bedding for your needs I will get you connected with other conscious and reliable Boston breeders. Please do not buy cheap, second hand puppies so as to support unscrupulous breeders.

Should you need a show dog?

I can assist you in the selection and preparation process. You may find the results and achievements of our kennel on Facebook with photos and videos.
The puppies are handed over to the new owners with registry certificate, microchip, minimum 3 vaccinations and 4 anti parasitic treatments, contract, passport and puppy package. The puppies are available for takeover no sooner than at the age of 9-10 weeks. I will remain at your service for any queries or guidance as to breeding, education. Moreover, I will be available on the phone 0-24 for any problems or queries.